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在ag真人网,学习远不止听课和写论文. Our schools and colleges provide a place for you to debate and discuss how to make a difference in the world and then actually go do it. Your classmates, 朋友和教授会激励你运用所学的知识, as well as your skills, ideas and passions, 帮助他人,为自己的未来铺路.

Explore our Schools & 在本科或ag真人网址生课程中找到适合你的大学:

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Columbian College of Arts & Sciences

一群代表哥伦比亚艺术学院的学生在实验台上工作 & Sciences


Here, the broad study of the liberal arts is matched with the sophisticated research that advances discovery and influences policy. ag真人网历史最悠久、规模最大的大学,哥伦比亚大学是多面手和专家的家园. ag真人网的学生和教授在国家动物园用猩猩进行行为ag真人网址, 在福尔杰·莎士比亚图书馆仔细阅读原始的历史文献, develop solar conversion methods to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and devise new systems to support clinical diagnostics and the monitoring of food processes. At Columbian, we emphasize perspective, analysis and communication, 鼓励与外部合作伙伴合作,推动持久变革.

Corcoran School of the Arts & Design

学生们坐在地板上,与各种艺术品代表科克伦艺术学院 & Design


The Corcoran School, part of Columbian College, 不仅仅是艺术家和艺术相关领域从业者的孵化器, 而是一个让整个大学的学生都受益的机构. Ultimately, the Corcoran School embodies what Columbian has defined as the “engaged liberal arts” by providing a platform for engagement that bridges creative expression and practical application, 把不同的领域联系起来,更好地为ag真人网的毕业生致富做好准备, 21世纪的多维职业.

科克伦这个名字一直以来都是艺术创新和教育的代名词, 自1869年科克伦艺术画廊和1878年其附属学校成立以来. GW is proud to join in preserving and growing the Corcoran legacy through a historic agreement with the gallery and school in 2014, 与国家美术馆合作. 而科科伦学院将培养专家, 它也将丰富GW社区学生的整体教育经验. 

School of Business



当你站在世界政治和经济力量的交汇处, responsible global business leadership is not merely a privilege; it is standard operating procedure. 而不是仅仅适应全球经济的变化, ag真人网商学院(GW's School of Business)是该校变革的推动者之一. 与国际货币基金组织、世界银行和美国建立了良好的关系.S. 国务院(都位于几个街区之外), 学生们亲身学习如何超越底线,考虑国际事务的大局, finance, sustainability, 道德和企业责任——通常是同时存在的. This global presence, 以及更适合学生需求的定制课程, enable our students to pursue practical, 富有洞察力的专业知识,令人羡慕的优势. 当你接触到诺贝尔奖得主和参议员的内部工作时,他们就明白这一点, 接受财政部官员的建议或在巴西获得立足点, China and sub-Saharan Africa, 你最不应该做的事就是照常做生意.

Graduate School of Education & Human Development

一群学生在教室里举手,代表教育ag真人网址生院 & Human Development


社会的进步无疑依赖于教育. But what do we mean by "education"? At GSEHD, we examine all the ways humans learn, 从儿童早期到专业发展. Then we search for ways to translate our research into policy and practice that move society forward—from teacher preparation to classroom instruction to administrative strategy. ag真人网努力使人的潜力最大化,无论是在课堂内还是课堂外. Yes, it's an ambitious endeavor. 但当你身处国家的关键决策者之中, 这是与领土相关的义务.

School of Engineering & Applied Science



直接与国家的科学和政策领导人合作, ag真人网经常站在发现的前沿也就不足为奇了. 作为华盛顿特区唯一一所工程和应用科学学院.C., our hands-on, 高度合作的方式使ag真人网能够培养实验室的专业知识和在政府中的影响力. GW is a founding member of the National Science Foundation’s Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing and a top source for the government’s cybersecurity policy and research. SEAS relishes opportunities to work with the world’s most powerful institutions on discoveries and breakthroughs that impact everyone’s lives.

Elliott School of International Affairs



而国际事务学院则是理论与实践的桥梁, the Elliott School offers more than bridges; it provides sidewalks. ag真人网位于华盛顿特区的中心地带.C.,使政策制定者和学术专家之间能够进行新的思想和信息交流. 这种动态已经建立了一个由外交官学生和校友组成的社区, activists, journalists, policymakers, businesspeople and more, 向世界知名的学者和政策制定者学习. With more than 300 events each year, we convene students, scholars, policymakers, 媒体和其他国际事务专家ag真人网址紧迫的全球问题. 其结果是,ag真人网址将带来学术上的严谨性,直接影响政策上的挑战, 最大限度地发挥ag真人网对国际政策和与之相关的人的影响.

GW Law



GW Law has been at the forefront of American legal education since its establishment as the first law school in the nation's capital. 在这里,学生们获得了罕有的对法律是如何创建和辩论的洞察. Our professors are eminent scholars who have filed briefs—often with the help of students—on behalf of members of Congress. Our faculty members have sat on the United Nations International Law Commission and won historic human rights settlements for individuals harmed by former dictatorships. Our students develop practical skills through pro bono legal clinics that have provided hundreds of thousands of hours of real-life legal assistance to the D.C. community for more than 40 years. As GW Law celebrates its 150th anniversary and continues its academic mission to engage the leading legal and policy questions of our time, ag真人网法学院总是走在潮流的前面,这一点也不奇怪.

School of Media & Public Affairs

一群学生围在电视演播室的屏幕前代表传媒学院 & Public Affairs


SMPA, part of Columbian, 是基于这样一种信念:社会的自由取决于信息的流动吗. We prepare the next generation of distinguished journalists and political communicators as we uncover the most effective ways to connect and inform in today's complex media world. This search for truth has led us to facilitate everything from digital media workshops for South Korean journalists to award-winning research on media bias. Planet Forward, 由SMPA主管兼著名记者弗兰克·塞斯诺创建, 在新媒体上推动可持续发展的新想法和新声音. 通过跨越所有媒体和所有时区的多维网络, ag真人网正在改变信息的未来. 

School of Medicine & Health Sciences

两名学生代表医学院 & Health Sciences


At SMHS, ag真人网正在创造下一代富有同情心和高技能的临床医生和医疗保健专业人员. ag真人网的毕业生有能力使用最先进的工具和技术来治疗他们的病人. We are also creating the next generation of scientists to carry on a tradition of making breakthrough discoveries and bringing new therapies to the market through research and innovation. 这要归功于SMHS与美国国立卫生ag真人网址院(National Institutes of Health)等机构的多种合作伙伴关系, 儿童国家卫生系统和首都的许多其他机构, across the country and around the globe, our faculty members are truly on the frontlines of medicine and are working to address the world’s most challenging diseases. Whether it is training clinicians, collaborating on research, 或在国内或国外照顾病人, 卫生和社会福利部致力于寻找方法,为所有人实现卫生公平. Our faculty members, 学生和校友都致力于改善本地市民的生活质量, national and global communities.

School of Nursing



SON prepares the very best nurses whose application of the science of nursing promotes the delivery of compassionate, 在全球范围内提供以人为本的高质量护理. SON是高级执业注册护士(APRN)教育的领导者, 准备从业人员提供高质量的护理-特别是当这些角色承担更大的责任. 通过为学生提供量身定制的学术途径,最先进的技能 & 模拟实验室和强调跨专业的课程, SON的学生毕业后将成为这个行业新的和未来的领导者. ag真人网的教员都是医疗模拟领域的领军人物, sought after by national and international health care professionals for their expertise in using best practices to design and implement simulation in healthcare curricula. SON’s national prominence, 而且它位于美国首都的中心地带, 使它特别适合培养学生成为他们所在领域的变革领袖. 

Graduate School of Political Management

Group of students sitting listening to a panel of speakers at table to represent the Graduate School of Political Management


GSPM是应用政治、倡导和传播的第一个和最重要的学校. Since its inception 25 years ago, ag真人网为学生提供了如何赢得选举的实践教育, 提前立法,争取舆论胜利. 位于专业ag真人网址学院内, GSPM已经帮助学生获得为候选人取得成功所需要的真实世界的技能, causes and companies around the globe.

Our graduates know what they want to do to change the world; we teach them how to use the strategies and tools needed to do it. ag真人网的教师因其在一系列学科上的专业知识而受到认可, including legislating, advocating, campaigning, polling and communicating. 通过在美国政治之都的中心为ag真人网址生们提供一个充满活力的学习环境, 他们学习重要的国际技能, national and local campaigns.

College of Professional Studies



CPS继续扩大对成人学习者和工作专业人员的实用教育. CPS是专门为那些希望在自己的专业领域脱颖而出的人而设计的, 要么因为他们提高了自己的专业技能,要么因为他们改变了职业. 通过在华盛顿地区和世界各地的重要关系, CPS的学生从领先的专家那里学习,享受独特的教育机会. CPS students can learn security leadership skills from NATO's supreme allied commander or head to nations around the world for intensive study or internships. Our emphasis on leadership ensures that graduates who plan sustainable cities or manage political campaigns are prepared to make a broader impact in their areas of expertise. We empower our graduates to respond to and drive change in emerging and rapidly evolving professions by providing an innovative, forward-looking education.

Milken Institute School of Public Health



Milken Institute School of Public Health is creating solutions to our biggest health challenges in our own backyard and around the world. 华盛顿特区唯一的公共卫生学院.C., 米尔肯ag真人网址所倡导与肥胖作斗争的倡议和计划, 改善社区卫生政策,评估全国和世界各地提供的护理质量. Milken Institute SPH faculty, researchers and students maximize their long-standing relationships with the world’s most influential health organizations to advance learning and research for the benefit of all. Together, 他们为国家和国际医疗改革开发了开创性的模式.

Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration

三名学生代表特拉亨伯格公共政策学院站在教室前面 & Public Administration


Perhaps no other school within the university embodies George Washington's vision more than the Trachtenberg School. 华盛顿总统曾设想在首都建立一所学校,教育美国公民,使其领导一个繁荣的社会. 现在是哥伦比亚学院最大的ag真人网址生项目, 特拉亨伯格学院提供高排名的硕士学位, certificate and doctoral programs. 公共服务价值注入学校的课程和社区服务延伸到D.C., the nation and the world. Trachtenberg School students advised D.C. 阿拉伯之春之后,当地有轨电车计划的发展和埃及领导人的培训. At the Trachtenberg School, we believe in doing good and doing it well and strive to apply our knowledge to strengthen democratic governance and develop students into leaders at all levels of the government, nonprofit and private sectors.



Grant Smith

Class of 2018

“我非常喜欢考希克·巴苏(Kaushik Basu)教授的游戏策略和理论课程, 世界银行高级副行长兼首席经济学家. 有一天,他带ag真人网去世界银行大楼上课, 这是令人难以置信的,只有几个街区的校园."



GW recognizes the importance of maintaining accreditation by appropriate academic and professional agencies and organizations. ag真人网相信大学和ag真人网学校的持续认证, departments and programs enhances our reputation as a center of academic excellence and as a trusted provider of educational and professional preparation.

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